National Chocolate Milk Day 2022: History, Significance and Facts

We all must have beautiful memories of our childhood consuming chocolate milk and we liked it very much as it helped us consume milk as without chocolate it would have been very hard to drink milk. 

That’s why chocolate milk is considered very important as it played a very important in moving kids towards drinking and consuming milk otherwise most of kids were reluctant to consume only milk at first. 

To celebrate and recognize the important role that it had played over the period of time and it is still playing today, the United States celebrates its National Chocolate Milk Day annually on 27th of September. 

Event National Chocolate Milk Day
Date September 27, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance The day celebrates the delicious chocolate milk
Observed by United States


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National Chocolate Milk Day History: 

The earliest known use of chocolate was by the Native American Olmecs around 1900 B.C., and they enjoyed it as a drink. It was drunk from special round jars known as ‘tecomates,’ which were symbols of status for these tribes. Mayans too were fond of cocoa and used chocolate drinks in many of their gatherings like weddings and other things as well. 

The Natural History Museum lists Irish botanist Hans Sloane as the inventor of drinking chocolate with milk. In 1687, Sloane found the local Jamaican beverage consisting of cacao and water served to him in Jamaica unpalatable, but by adding milk to it, found it much improved.

After tasting it Sloane realized that chocolate milk tasted good and was also very healthy due to the calcium and protein. Because of his position as a physician to the Duke of Albemarle, Sloane was allowed to bring the drink mixture back to Europe. He began preaching of the medicinal benefits and selling it to apothecaries.

Later in 1828, a company in Amsterdam, Van Houten, invented a method for pressing cocoa. This produced a light, fluffy chocolate powder that could be easily dissolved in water or milk. This made chocolate milk even more popular because it was so easy to make.

National Chocolate Milk Day Significance: 

One of the major reason that chocolate milk got very popular was because that it made milk a lot easier and much tasty drink to consume. As milk is very nutrient but many people weren’t able to consume because of their levels of lactose intolerance and their dislike for the taste of milk and that’s why this discovery was revolutionary. 

It turned out to be most useful among the children as they are generally hesitant to drink milk at first especially in their early age and we all know that how much kids are fond of chocolates so mixing chocolate powder with milk turned out be a very great solution for this problem as it made children to like milk and get all the required nutrients for their growth. 

Chocolate milk provides many important nutrients like calcium, protein, and Vitamin D, which can benefit your health. Chocolate milk helps muscles recover quickly after a tough workout and assists in replenishing fluids and critical nutrients that were lost in sweat. S9 they are very important especially for children development. 

Celebrating this day also aims to bring back our nostalgia as we all must have sweet memories of our childhood enjoying tasty chocolate milk and it aims to encourage adults to relive those moments once again by consuming a glass of chocolate milk once again by using this day as an opportunity to do that. 


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National Chocolate Milk Day Facts: 

Now let’s learn some interesting and amazing facts regarding our tasty and iconic drink chocolate milk and chocolate in general: 

  1. Early mesoamericans considered cacao beans as so important that they even used it as currency once. 
  2. Growing cacao beans us not an easy job and it requires a lot of patience as it takes 4 to 5 years for a cacao tree to produce its first beans. 
  3. Switzerland is the most chocolate eating country as it has the highest consumption of chocolate per capita wise. 
  4. It’s not highly caffeinated. The amount of caffeine in chocolate milk is similar to the amount in decaffeinated drinks. In fact, an 8-ounce serving has between 2 mg and 7 mg of caffeine. 
  5. Chocolate milk can be made by stirring chocolate syrup into plain milk, or by adding cocoa and sugar to milk.

Most Searched FAQs on National Chocolate Milk Day: 

1. When is National Chocolate Milk Day celebrated? 

National Chocolate Milk Day is celebrated annually on 27th September in US. 

2. Is chocolate milk good for you? 

The protein, calcium, and vitamin D in chocolate milk, as well as other minerals and electrolytes, provide important nutritional benefits. 

3. What is chocolate milk made of? 

Chocolate milk is made by adding sugar and cocoa to white milk.

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